GitTrees planted in the ether. GitTrees are generated using a random seed in order to determine its growth and attributes. They will grow simultaneously every week, until reaching its maturity, where the GitTrees will stop growing. Once all GitTrees reach their maturity, their metadata will be stored in IPFS forever.

128 GitTree seeds will be available on launch day.
Afterwards, 32 GitTree seeds will be unlocked every week.

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256 / 256 Trees Minted 🌲
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GitTree Generator

All GitTrees are generated through the GitTree Generator, with input as a random seed. GitTrees grow in generations, until thay are fully mature.

After all the GitTrees been minted and matured, the GitTree generator will be released for the public to try to generate and see what GitTrees would look like with different seeds. Fun!
animated gittree generator
GitTree seed

256 Seeds

A total of 256 GitTrees will be planted in the ether, all starting as a simple seed. Each seed will grow into their own unique tree. Their growth will be determined by a random-generated seed, and will affect their species and attributes accordingly.

8 GitTrees will be reserved for AutoGlyph owners to mint for free.
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GitTrees, over time, will grow into Saplings, ready to take on the future harsh environments of the ether. In this state, they grow to have their own variations and designs. Saplings may look the same as others, but only until they grow to maturity.

It takes a week for each generation, a truly different take on the fast-paced crypto space. Owners of GitTrees will witness their GitTrees age over time. It takes patience to own one for sure!
GitTree Sapling
GitTree Matured Tree


GitTrees mature into many different types of trees. You may have planted succulents, which mature in 4-8 steps, flowers, which mature in 6-9 steps, or a tree, which mature in 7-11 steps.

If you have HODL'ed your GitTree to this stage, CONGRATULATIONS!
You have a special level of patience and strong hands that will lead you through the crypto-space.

You are going to make it!

~ Made with love, Inuarashi